Designed Magnetic Sheets

Magnetic Sheet with dry erase surface

Build a visualization board with magnetic modules



A unique concept with magnetic modules. It gives you a flexibility in how the board is composed. And it gets easy to change when needed.

Pulse meeting by the visualization board



The flexibility makes it easy to create different visualization boards for effective stand up meetings. Creates engagement and results.

Bring the magnetic sheet to Gemba



Get focus on the improvement work. By visualizing the continuous improvement work you will get co-worker engagement – and the work will also be more fun.

Write and erase with a normal whiteboard dry erase marker

Whiteboard surface

Write and erase – over and over again. The board will stay clean and tidy. No tape that gets loose or gathers dirt.

Portable visualization modules in different sizes


With portable modules you can held the meeting where the action is. The preparation and follow up can be done anywhere.

Visualize goals for the company or your department

Limitless design

The magnetic sheets is printed in many different basic designs. But you can also get it with your own design.