A3 for Improvement Kata

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Template for improvement activities based on the Toyota Kata leadership philosophy. You can define your own headlines, or use the PDCA method (Plan, Do, Check, Act).

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Magnetic A3 Template for Improvement Kata

If you use an A3 for continuous improvement you will find it usefull since it is easy to use, understand and also to communicate with others. This is one oft most important tools in Lean and is used with the leadership method Kata. When you work according to Kata you will use an approach that focuses on coaching and learning. It is very powerfull and you will get high speed towards the target conditions you set up.

The A3

The A3 format was used in the continuous improvement work at Toyota since they were already used to blueprints in that format. The idea is that if it’s possible to describe a construction on an A3, it would be possible to describe an imporvement on an A3 too.

The limitation in the size force the writer to be more concise in the description. It also helps the coach to understand it, and to ask the right questions. The coach sees in just a few minutes if the ongoing work is leading to the definied target condition.

Go to Gemba and use the template at the place where the action is

We have reinforced the magnetic sheet to make it more stable. This means that you can bring it to Gemba (the place where the improvement is) and use it there.  When you’re not working with is you can just put it on your improvement board for others to read.

PDCA method

The template gives you support to follow an improvement method. We suggest that you use PDCA, which stands for Plan, Do, Check and Act. First you set the target, make an analysis and plan the countermeasures. Then you do the actions. After that you check the result of the actions, and if the target is reached. Finally you act according to the findings, and maybe do the loop one more time.

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