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Prioritize different suggestions by putting effort against impact. Can be used for improvement suggestions, risk management or other things where you need a descicion tool to decide what to do first.

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Magnetic PICK Chart for prioritization

Use this prioritization chart with Post-it notes, magnets, or by writing directly on the chart with a whiteboard marker. You can use it for prioritization between different improvement suggestions, risks, and similar cases. The PICK chart helps you to evaluate the suggestion based on the effort to solve it and the impact it will have. It is a simple, yet efficient descicion model so you can select what should be done.

PICK is an abrevisation of the words Possible, Implement, Challange and Kill. It helps you “PICK” the most important suggestions first. Suggestions that are easy to realize and gives high benefits for the business will be classed as Implement. This means that the suggestions in that class should be implemented directly. The smileys are there to make it even more clear what to prioritize.

Factors that is usefull to consider when classifying the suggestions on Effort are for instance; man hours needed, how much money is needed, if it’s difficult or not. For Impact you should consider safety improvements, financial results, customer satisfaction etc.

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