“Q” 31 days, Follow up Character – A5, A4, A3

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Follow up Q as in Quality each day by marking it red or green with a whiteboard marker.

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Follow up Character Q

It can sometimes be difficult to set measurable targets for Quality since there are som many factors that’s affecting the result. If so, this Q can be a better way to visualize it.

The character is divided in 31 areas, one for each day in a month. Then you use a whiteboard marker to fill in each day if it has been a good or a bad day in the quality perspective.

If it has been a good day you mark it with green, and if it has been a bad day you mark it red. You can also use black to mark it as a disaster, or blu to symbolize improvements or identified risks for instance.

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A3 (42 x 30 cm), A4 (30 x 21 cm), A5 (21 x 15 cm)