Safety Cross 31 days

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Magnetic template with whiteboard surface for safety – the Green Cross. The template is divided in 31 squares, one for each day in a month.

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Focus on Safety with the Green Safety Cross template

Is the safety for your co-workers important for you? Then you should show that it’s at the top of the agenda with this Green Safety Cross. Put it on your visualization board and talk about risks, incidents and accidents every day.

The Green Safety Cross is divided in 31 squares so that you can mark each day with a color: Green = Safe day, Yellow = Incident has happened, Red = Accident has happened. You can also use orange to symbolize accidents without absence, and blue to highlight identified risks, and black to show severe accidents or fatal accidents. The goal is to keep the safety cross green.

The idea of visualizing safety issues this way is to make everyone aware of the risks and dangers at the workplace.

Use the Safety Cross in Healthcare for patient safety

Within industry the cross is used for workplace safety. But it can also be used in other areas – as in Healthcare for instance. Then the cross shows patient related safety. Yellow shows incidents, Orange means Near miss, and Red means injury/Red alert. By showing the status of the situation everyone will be involved to systematically reduce the risks for the patients to be victims of medical injuries.

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